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The Nail Bar has merged with our sister company, Millennium Nail & Day Spa! All your favorite Nail Bar technicians have moved as well! Call 850-894-4772 or 850-894-4227 to make your appointment, or stop by for a tour!

Your Nail Bar gift cards will be accepted at Millennium until 12/31/17. Make your appointments by this date, or stop in to have your gift card converted to a Millennium Gift Card with no expiration date!  Millennium is located in the new construction in the same shopping center as The Nail Bar! 3427 Bannerman Road Suite 201, second floor! We look forward to seeing you at Millennium!
Artificial Nails
With modern technology, it's almost impossible to tell whether our nails are real or not. If you were not blessed with long beautiful nails, let our professional staff recommend the nail style that is perfect for you. If you don't tell, we sure won't!

Pink and White Nails


Our most popular type of nails for the business woman. Pink & Whites are strong and custom cut to be perfectly fitted to your nail bed. These nails are flawless, non-yellowing, and chip resistant. Available in American (off white) and French (super white).

 Full Set
 Back Fill
 Pink Fill

Gel Nails

Gel Nails are very clear and enhance the color of your natural nail bed.  These are great for people who want a “natural nail” look.

Powder Full Set
Powder Fill
Liquid Full Set
Liquid Fill
P & W Liquid Full Set
P & W Liquid Backfill
P & W Liquid Fill
Axxium Gel
Axxium Gel with Manicure
          $35 +

Solar Nails

Non yellowing nails, so those who tan have nothing to worry about!

Full Set
Full Set French

Dip It Nails

Dip it  nails are very lightweight and have a natural feeling.  Great for people who may have chemical allergies!

 Full Set Clear
 Full Set Pink and White
Back Fills Pink and White



Acrylic Nails

Low cost, easy maintenance product that works best with nail polish color.  Very durable, great introduction to your first set of artificial nails!
Full Set
Full Set French
Color Blended
Color Blended Fill
Glitzy Full Set

A Word About Maintenance

To maintain your acrylic, gel, silk or pink & white nails, we recommend you come in approximately every two weeks for fills. Repairs cost $3. To ensure the price of this service, you must purchase a service every two weeks. Failure to follow your maintenance schedule will result in higher repair costs, or may necessitate our performing a more comprehensive service for you. If you wear a French manicure style of nail (white or colored tip) you need to backfill your nails to maintain your look. We recommend alternating backfills with your regular fill schedule for best results. 

Nail Repair
Nail Removal
Nail Art
Cut Down
Polish Change Finger Nails
Polish Change French
We have MERGED with our sister spa, Millennium! Bring your Nail Bar gift cards to exchange for Millennium Cards or use by 12/31/2017! All your favorite technicians have moved with us!

Millennium Nail & Day Spa just opened our brand new location in Bannerman Crossings!

Come out and tour our gorgeous, brand new state of the art spa! Millennium is a full service salon and spa, offering the best in nails, hair, makeup, facials, skin care, eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, massage, waxing and more! With nearly 6,000 square feet of spa space, we have created an oasis for you and friends to come relax, have a glass of wine, and be your most beautiful YOU inside and out! 

Millennium Nail & Day Spa
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Tallahassee, Florida 32312